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How to Enable and Use Facebook Secret Conversations on…

Nowadays everyone has become a diehard user of social messaging services like WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. Due to some recent online leaks, everyone becomes a very privacy freak. So, many of us have started checking the privacy policy even before checking the feature list recently. It’s appreciable. With a recent update WhatsApp has also brought the encryption service for the users, and until the end to end, the secure connection is not the setup from the both ends, messages remain undelivered. You can use the encrypted private messaging services in Facebook messenger also.

But the reality is seriously a reason of a headache because most of us don’t know the way to use this Facebook’s secret messenger service which is completely private! And no one will see it either from the messenger app!

What you need to do is very simple- update the app. Once you have updated the app then only you can proceed to the guide of using Facebook’s Messenger service right from the smartphone app.

If you are a windows phone user then a bad news for you this feature isn’t available on Windows version. Maybe, within very few weeks it will come with an update!

The best part of this secret messaging service is that-

  • The whole chat will be encrypted from both ends.
  • Even Facebook and law enforcement agencies can’t read these.

A million bucks question is that how to start the secret conversation? Follow the easy guide and kick in the process of checking your privacies.

There is no rocket science in the method; it’s so simple and quite straight forward. Let’s get into the step by step process here in below-

Update the app: The first and foremost step to start the process is to update the app. Otherwise, the option may not be present in your app.

Start the conversation: let’s start using the famous secret method and unleash the power of privacy protections. Once you launch the app, you can see an “i” button on the right top. Select the “secret conversation” list from there. You are half way done!

Launch secret messaging: Once you have tapped on that, you have joined the chamber for secret conversation! Turn the “secret conversation” option ON.


What else to do now? Just head yourself for a friend and start the conversation! Enjoy!

You should note this:-

One thing should be mentioned here. When the option ON, you can send messages and receive reply only on the device the option is activated. You can start using this on PC and on phone both simultaneously.

When you see a blue padlock with the profile picture of the person you are chatting with, you are in the encrypted secret conversation box of the Facebook messenger.

This feature has embedded some intuitive features like sending Snapchat style auto expiration messages to the friends and provides a time for auto destruction! And you can set this ranging from 5 minutes to a day.

Let us know, what’s you take on this awesome secret conversation feature of the Facebook? Keep yourself in touch and stay tuned.

Let us know, what’s your thought on this revolutionary feature by Facebook to encrypt all the conversations?

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