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One More Messaging App is Shutting Down, and this…

Instant messaging apps are in the trend and to be honest, we see almost ten new messaging apps every year. Some survive, but most of them get clean sweep. It is not surprising to see an unknown messaging app from a new startup getting closed, but it is rare to see any messaging service to be closed by any big companies. The time is again come when we will see another big messaging app shut down and this time it is from Google. The messaging app that is going to close this year is “Space.”

Google Space

What is Space and What does it do?

Space is a group messaging app which is owned by Google. Even though Google owns it, very few people know about this app or heard of. This app allows you to create or join a group you are interested and then discuss on a topic. The concept is like a forum but with little more feature. You could create a group around any topic then invite your friends, family member, colleagues, and strangers(if you set the topic for public) and then discuss on that. As being a Google product, you could pull Google search result, images, and videos directly and share in the app.

The end of Space

Space was not that big of a hit thus Google decided to take that app down in the 17th of April this year. In a Google+ post, John Kilcline Google product manager announced the news. He also mentioned in that same post that “As we focus our efforts, we’ve decided to take what we learned with Spaces, and apply it to our existing products. Unfortunately, this means that we’ll be saying goodbye to supporting Spaces. We want to thank all of the Spaces users who tried out the app and shared their feedback. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”

John Kilcline is probably talking about the Allo messaging app that Google is now focusing on. Allo is already has Google Assistant, and we can see the feature of Space coming to the Allo in the near future.

John Kilcline announced that the Space app is now in read-only mode and on 17th of April it will be taken down. That means now you can access the app but can’t post anything.

Here it is also worth mentioning that Facebook also has the similar app called Room. It had the similar feature of what we have now on the Space. Facebook shut that app down back in the December 2015.

That’s all we had for this article. It will be interesting to see how tech industry responds to this news. Shutting app down is common in the tech space, but when it comes from a tech giant like Google, then it becomes news. What do you think Google will close next? If you ask me I would say the Google+. Google+ is a good app, but I think Google should shut that and concentrate on one, i.e. Allo.

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