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How to Upgrade Android Wear OS Manually?

Wearable technology has taken the world upside down. With smartphones, these kinds of gadgets have penetrated into our daily life. Some of these are really impressive and can track every step taken to how many times your heart beats. Maximum of these run on Android, and like every Android device, these also take updates. But maximum of us don’t know how to update the wearable devices.

Without updating some apps may not work properly while updating the OS keeps everything running like a blade on butter. Before updating let’s know the pros of updating the OS of the Android wear.

android wear OS

Why we need to update the Android Wear OS?

You need to update the OS of the Android wear in order to keep the things which you have assigned to track according to the manner. Here are some points which are really important for the device-

  • If you don’t update the system you may be missing some really intuitive features.
  • If you don’t update the os then some apps may work properly and you may miss the updated features of the apps.
  • Your device may be vulnerable to the viruses and attacks.
  • Some apps may keep crashing frequently and it’s really irritating.

Do you know that you can update the devices manually also? You can upgrade and install the latest updates using simple OTA checks.

How to upgrade Android Wear OS?

Here we are going to discuss the step by step process of the how to manually update the Android wear. Here the process is emphasized for the Android wear 2.0 version specifically.

  • Start swiping from the extreme top of the display.
  • Keep swiping from right to left until you come on the “settings” and then tap on that.

  • Go to the bottom and click on the “About” option.
  • Then go down and touch on the “system updates.”

If there is any update available, then the best option is to download and install the update. Try it and if you see any message like ‘System is up to date’ then there is no need to go for updating.


For updating, you need to make the data option ON and the device on your hand is connected to your phone via Bluetooth. So check the data connection of your phone and connect it to the internet.

If you are not sure on which version your Android Wear is running, then follow the below mentioned instructions-
Remember that even though a new version of the software may have been released, you may need to wait hours or days until it’s available for your device so be patient and keep trying.

Go to the “Settings” option first.

Then scroll down to the “About” option and then tap on that to view on which version the device is running.

That’s all, you need to upgrade your Android wear device to the latest version. Now you know the benefits and the procedure of upgrading your Android Wear OS. Please keep us updated with the issue (if any) and suggestions you have regarding this article.

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