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How to Switch Off Predictive Words on Android

Among the advantages of Android is that it is so customisable. Sometimes it’s hard to learn where you can go to change the configurations, though, so here we describe how to carefully turn off predictive wording on Android and exactly how to create preferences for another keyboard.  Using a Moto G with Android Lollipop we are demonstrating the process here, and of course the Google Keyboard, but the method is largely the same for KitKat and other keyboards you may well be using. The whole process has slightly changed in the latest Android- Android Nougat, so we’ve added additional instructions for newer users where necessary.

How to switch off predictive word on Android

Here we are going to discuss some easiest ways to fix the “predictive word” issue of our Android phone. Try these and we are damn sure that you will not be disappointed.

Step 1- Follow the instructions and you are done!

This is the easiest one and just following the three below mentioned points, you can crack the tough nut of the process.

  • Move down from the most notable of the display screen twice if you have updated the Android to lollypop or Android N to jump into the quick action options.
  • Then touch the cog icon to open up the configurations menu. On other phones, it could be a slightly different path to settings.
  • Nevertheless, you can check the app tray for the Settings and pin it to your home screen if you need an extremely quick way to change the settings.

Step 2- Tricky but effective

Now that you have completed the first step successfully, it’s time to move down to the next step.

  • Scroll right down to Language & touch and input onto it. Beneath the sub-heading Keyboard & input methods, you will notice which keyboard you are using and – not obviously – the settings for this beneath that: the menu item states the name of the keyboard and the language.
  • If you are on Android N, touch Virtual Keyboard.
  • Touch on the name of the keyboard – in cases like this Google Keyboard, and you’ll see all the available options.
  • To carefully turn off the predictive word, touch Text modification and in the bottom of another display then, switch off “Next-word suggestions.” It’s somewhat different in Android N – faucet Text Modification and toggle from the “Show suggestion” option.

Personal Dictionary: You can include words to the, and it’s really useful if Android will auto-correct someone’s name or another phrase you use regularly. While you put in a portrayed phrase, you can also go into a shortcut- that’s important when you have long or complicated words or a phrase.

Let us know how many minutes you have taken to fix the issue following our process.

Ahhh…we nearly missed the point- after saving the settings don’t forget to reboot your devices. That’s all. Advance hi-five for those who take less than five minutes to complete the process. Stay tuned for more thrilling advanced tutorials.




Fix Insufficient Storage Error on Android

Due to high usage of phone’s memory, a frequent problem we usually face is the “insufficient storage” issue. The ‘insufficient storage available’ error often arises if you have transferred huge amounts of files from the Android operating system device’s physical storage space to a microSD card, and it is brought on by the cache not being properly erased.

How to fix “insufficient storage” error- Within a Seconds

Surprised? It’s really possible you can clear your phone’s app cache in a matter of seconds or a few moments, depending on how severe the challenge is on your device just.

Check whether a small app can be installed or not: If you’re allowed because of it to set up it, downloading a tiny (around 2MB) Android app can clear the Android app cache on your behalf automatically; if your phone won’t permit the installation then you will have to manually proceed through deleting the cache for every single app

Uninstall rarely used apps and free some memory: If you haven’t already attempted deleting anything on your mobile and are showing the ‘insufficient storage’ error, this would be considered a good way to start. There are more than likely app you have downloaded previously, never used and forgotten about – check the Android app tray than the home screens for these rather, since the Android app tray shall list everything on your phone and, unless you’re operating Marshmallow (which enables you to uninstall apps from the home screen), makes it better by quickly uninstall them.

Get some remote backup: Photos, videos as well as your download folders are another good destination to check. If you are using WhatsApp, also check its documents in a File Manager software or by plugging it into your personal computer as it might well be saving every photo and video you send as well as those you get.

Get backup into Google Drive

Google Photos is a great option for backing up as many standard-resolution photographs and video clips, making them accessible from any device to which you are able to log into your Google account and letting you erase them from your Google Android phone or tab without deleting those forever. The one catch is you will have to download the Yahoo Photos app to your device unless you currently have it, which might be a concern if you are viewing the “insufficient storage” error. For the time being, you might always connect your Google Android device into a Personal computer or laptop and backup.

Install an Android app- App Cache Cleaner

Given that you have freed up some space, your device will ideally enable you to download the tiny app that automates the procedure of clearing the app cache. Try out this by accessing the Play store, looking for and, when you can, installing the free Android app called App Cache Cleaner – 1Tap Clean.

app cache cleaner

The Android app cache clean is super easy to use; you just open the app and allow it scan your device for your app’s stored cache.

Supposing you already freed some space on your device’s storage space, despite the error messages, you should now have the option to download or upgrade the app you were having difficulty with.

Google Space Google

One More Messaging App is Shutting Down, and this…

Instant messaging apps are in the trend and to be honest, we see almost ten new messaging apps every year. Some survive, but most of them get clean sweep. It is not surprising to see an unknown messaging app from a new startup getting closed, but it is rare to see any messaging service to be closed by any big companies. The time is again come when we will see another big messaging app shut down and this time it is from Google. The messaging app that is going to close this year is “Space.”

Google Space

What is Space and What does it do?

Space is a group messaging app which is owned by Google. Even though Google owns it, very few people know about this app or heard of. This app allows you to create or join a group you are interested and then discuss on a topic. The concept is like a forum but with little more feature. You could create a group around any topic then invite your friends, family member, colleagues, and strangers(if you set the topic for public) and then discuss on that. As being a Google product, you could pull Google search result, images, and videos directly and share in the app.

The end of Space

Space was not that big of a hit thus Google decided to take that app down in the 17th of April this year. In a Google+ post, John Kilcline Google product manager announced the news. He also mentioned in that same post that “As we focus our efforts, we’ve decided to take what we learned with Spaces, and apply it to our existing products. Unfortunately, this means that we’ll be saying goodbye to supporting Spaces. We want to thank all of the Spaces users who tried out the app and shared their feedback. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”

John Kilcline is probably talking about the Allo messaging app that Google is now focusing on. Allo is already has Google Assistant, and we can see the feature of Space coming to the Allo in the near future.

John Kilcline announced that the Space app is now in read-only mode and on 17th of April it will be taken down. That means now you can access the app but can’t post anything.

Here it is also worth mentioning that Facebook also has the similar app called Room. It had the similar feature of what we have now on the Space. Facebook shut that app down back in the December 2015.

That’s all we had for this article. It will be interesting to see how tech industry responds to this news. Shutting app down is common in the tech space, but when it comes from a tech giant like Google, then it becomes news. What do you think Google will close next? If you ask me I would say the Google+. Google+ is a good app, but I think Google should shut that and concentrate on one, i.e. Allo.

android wear OS Android Wear

How to Upgrade Android Wear OS Manually?

Wearable technology has taken the world upside down. With smartphones, these kinds of gadgets have penetrated into our daily life. Some of these are really impressive and can track every step taken to how many times your heart beats. Maximum of these run on Android, and like every Android device, these also take updates. But maximum of us don’t know how to update the wearable devices.

Without updating some apps may not work properly while updating the OS keeps everything running like a blade on butter. Before updating let’s know the pros of updating the OS of the Android wear.

android wear OS

Why we need to update the Android Wear OS?

You need to update the OS of the Android wear in order to keep the things which you have assigned to track according to the manner. Here are some points which are really important for the device-

  • If you don’t update the system you may be missing some really intuitive features.
  • If you don’t update the os then some apps may work properly and you may miss the updated features of the apps.
  • Your device may be vulnerable to the viruses and attacks.
  • Some apps may keep crashing frequently and it’s really irritating.

Do you know that you can update the devices manually also? You can upgrade and install the latest updates using simple OTA checks.

How to upgrade Android Wear OS?

Here we are going to discuss the step by step process of the how to manually update the Android wear. Here the process is emphasized for the Android wear 2.0 version specifically.

  • Start swiping from the extreme top of the display.
  • Keep swiping from right to left until you come on the “settings” and then tap on that.

  • Go to the bottom and click on the “About” option.
  • Then go down and touch on the “system updates.”

If there is any update available, then the best option is to download and install the update. Try it and if you see any message like ‘System is up to date’ then there is no need to go for updating.


For updating, you need to make the data option ON and the device on your hand is connected to your phone via Bluetooth. So check the data connection of your phone and connect it to the internet.

If you are not sure on which version your Android Wear is running, then follow the below mentioned instructions-
Remember that even though a new version of the software may have been released, you may need to wait hours or days until it’s available for your device so be patient and keep trying.

Go to the “Settings” option first.

Then scroll down to the “About” option and then tap on that to view on which version the device is running.

That’s all, you need to upgrade your Android wear device to the latest version. Now you know the benefits and the procedure of upgrading your Android Wear OS. Please keep us updated with the issue (if any) and suggestions you have regarding this article.


How to Enable and Use Facebook Secret Conversations on…

Nowadays everyone has become a diehard user of social messaging services like WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. Due to some recent online leaks, everyone becomes a very privacy freak. So, many of us have started checking the privacy policy even before checking the feature list recently. It’s appreciable. With a recent update WhatsApp has also brought the encryption service for the users, and until the end to end, the secure connection is not the setup from the both ends, messages remain undelivered. You can use the encrypted private messaging services in Facebook messenger also.

But the reality is seriously a reason of a headache because most of us don’t know the way to use this Facebook’s secret messenger service which is completely private! And no one will see it either from the messenger app!

What you need to do is very simple- update the app. Once you have updated the app then only you can proceed to the guide of using Facebook’s Messenger service right from the smartphone app.

If you are a windows phone user then a bad news for you this feature isn’t available on Windows version. Maybe, within very few weeks it will come with an update!

The best part of this secret messaging service is that-

  • The whole chat will be encrypted from both ends.
  • Even Facebook and law enforcement agencies can’t read these.

A million bucks question is that how to start the secret conversation? Follow the easy guide and kick in the process of checking your privacies.

There is no rocket science in the method; it’s so simple and quite straight forward. Let’s get into the step by step process here in below-

Update the app: The first and foremost step to start the process is to update the app. Otherwise, the option may not be present in your app.

Start the conversation: let’s start using the famous secret method and unleash the power of privacy protections. Once you launch the app, you can see an “i” button on the right top. Select the “secret conversation” list from there. You are half way done!

Launch secret messaging: Once you have tapped on that, you have joined the chamber for secret conversation! Turn the “secret conversation” option ON.


What else to do now? Just head yourself for a friend and start the conversation! Enjoy!

You should note this:-

One thing should be mentioned here. When the option ON, you can send messages and receive reply only on the device the option is activated. You can start using this on PC and on phone both simultaneously.

When you see a blue padlock with the profile picture of the person you are chatting with, you are in the encrypted secret conversation box of the Facebook messenger.

This feature has embedded some intuitive features like sending Snapchat style auto expiration messages to the friends and provides a time for auto destruction! And you can set this ranging from 5 minutes to a day.

Let us know, what’s you take on this awesome secret conversation feature of the Facebook? Keep yourself in touch and stay tuned.

Let us know, what’s your thought on this revolutionary feature by Facebook to encrypt all the conversations?

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